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As we have seen developments over the years in science and technology intelligent--or, "Smart," toys have become a new popular trend in the toy industry. Intelligent toys have many benefits. They can help encourage a child's curiosity about the World, assist with interaction between children through their usage of the toy, and of course, stimulate a child's thirst for knowledge and exploration. Intelligent toys can be quite varied and diverse. full of an assortment of rich content (and of course quite fun). These intelligent toys connect with children emotionally and by being educational help cultivate positive habits and behaviors. One such example of an intelligent toy is the child smart camera (specifically, "Smart," ones of course).

At Shenzhen Cheertone Technology Co., Ltd we have 15 years of experience as a children's toy manufacturer. This experience means we have all the production equipment, experience, and skilled workers to be able to provide our customers with comprehensive and high-quality service. Whether it is raw material procurement, product development of molds to be put into production, product assembly, packaging, or shipping, we are the one-stop source for all these services! We support game consoles, kid’s smart watches, children's cameras, eduction/learning-focused devices, and whatever else our consumers may demand to meet their customized needs! This customization we are capable of includes the function, appearance, packaging color (or box design) and more! This is all to help customers be able to create a product that exceeds their expectations thanks to our reasonable prices and excellent quality.

Things that appeal to the eye always arouse our desire as humans to pursue beauty. We yearn for positive experiences and feelings as people and children are no exception. Plentiful studies have shown when children have been able to consciously discover, explore, create, and share in the beauty of the World it helps him/her to grow up into a healthy, happy, and productive adult. Plus, of course this enjoyment of life can assist in finding like-minding friends who appreciate the beauty of the World. Photography is without a doubt one form of expression of this beauty and a wonderful hobby to develop when young. With this appreciation of photography growing in the marketplace the interest in children's cameras is increasing as well. For this reason, our company has also launched kid camera phone.

Child smart cameras let youth explore the beauty of our Planet through play, recording what they see through a lens and appreciating how amazing the World is through looking-back at their photos. In addition, through utilizing the camera children can being taught recognize the colors and shapes of things around them, also learning how by listening for certain sounds or smelling certain scents they will know where to point their camera to get that perfect image. Through further guidance and education children can also learn more advanced concepts of composition, combination, and other photography skills that will improve their aesthetic knowledge and abilities in further life skills from choosing clothes to if they make illustrative art. Cameras have a lot of positive effects on our lives, but adult digital cameras can be cumbersome, confusing, and difficult for children to handle. We have considered the specific needs of children and have designed some simple, enjoyable, interesting, and lightweight children's cameras.

There are two kinds of child smart camera on the market. One is the children's instant camera and the other is the children's digital toy camera.
kids camera cartoon picturesAn instant camera, sometimes colloquially known as a Polaroid Camera, has taking photos as its main function. Through the use of thermal technology is achieves the effect of, "What you see if what you shoot," whereupon a picture being snapped it then prints-out shortly after. Hence, these children's instant cameras give kids a near-instantly printed photo they can keep and treasure or exchange with friends. Plus, by printing so quickly one does not need to spend the day printing-out photos on the computer, using specialized paper for a printer--instead the camera does all the work.

The children's digital camera is another kind of camera designed with kids in mind. Shooting is one of its functions, with various special effects included such as filters and digital stickers. By having two cameras on it the ability to take selfies is supported and increases the fun options available to children during their photo-shooting process. Other functions the children's digital camera is capable of include recording video, playing puzzle games, and having multiple language settings to meet the diverse needs of kids. Compared with other electronic toys available a children's camera is more fun than simply playing a screen because it provides another window of sorts for children to see the World's scenery through exploration, discovery, and recording the joyous moments of a happy childhood.

Our company produces three mini toy children's cameras: The P2, p11, and P10X. This category of children's mini-cameras is suitable for children aged 3-12 years old.
kids camera collections by cheertoneThese cameras not only have a cute, unique, and beautiful appearance, they also all have the following six common features:

  • Small and light. Children's hands are smaller and need a camera that is just right for their grasp. Plus, with our beautiful and practical hanging rope, the camera is easy to travel with as it can be hung from the neck. This not only frees-up children's hands but helps prevent children from losing the camera.
  • IPS color display screen. The 2.4-inch IPS color display screen provides excellent color saturation, with a texture of the picture that is extremely clear and does not require one strain their eyes to see. Another advantage of this screen is it reduces overall power consumption, thereby extending the battery life so children have more time to take pictures.
  • 8 million HD pixels. An 8-megapixel camera for kids is an impressive level of imagery--providing pictures that are clear and bright. At the same time with one rear-facing camera and one front-facing camera, it is easy to take selfies or pictures of the beauty of nature. Also, there is the ability to zoom up to 4X, allowing great pictures of something interesting that may be further away, but thanks to the zoom can be easily captured. Truly, children can capture the majesty of life anytime and anywhere with such a camera!
  • Creative cartoon photo frames and special effects shooting function. Our children's camera has a number of DIY creative cartoon photo frames and special effects shooting functions. These are not only cute, fun, and easy to play with, they encourage creativity and interaction with friends and parents.
  • Storage and transmission. This type of children's camera has a large memory capacity. This allows the taking of up to 50 photos, but do note that you cannot transmit these photos. Should you want to transfer the photos over a USB cable you will need to insert a TF card.
  • Endurance time. These types of cameras use a 600mAH battery, which automatically shuts down after the camera is not used for 1 minute to protect battery life. Speaking of battery life, it is very good--the camera can be on for 2-3 hours continuously before it runs out of power.

Having covered what the cameras have in common, it is now smart to discuss the differences between them:

  • The P2 and P11 have 25 original games, while the P10X has 3 puzzle games that can provide children (and parents) with entertainment.
  • The P2 and P11 have the function of a flash. This allows the taking of pictures in otherwise dark places. The P10X does not have this feature.

Do be aware that we can easily alter the cameras to fit our client's needs. For example, our American client Manbert and Hong Kong client Icore placed orders for thousands of P10X children's cameras and customized the Logo of the camera shell as well as the box of the package. In addition, our camera can also support OEM. Therefore, if the customer wants to customize the software inside they can! They can do things such as reducing the number of games, increase other functions as desired, etc. All a customer needs to do for us to provide customized content is to inform us of their needs. Then, we can modify our product and produce it per their request!
cheertone kids camera ct-p10x with color boxOftentimes customers may worry about a product's quality and delivery time of OEM& ODM. We understand these concerns and want to reassure our buyers that we guarantee the quality, delivery time, product service, and all other aspects of our products. The main components of our children's camera are: PCBA board (which contains the IC of the main control camera), IPS screen (which contains a PVC lens to protect the screen from scratching), speaker, camera, microphone, flash, and battery. From the purchase of the raw materials to production we follow-up and control the whole process. These electronic raw materials are purchased according to strict standards by high-quality suppliers who have cooperated with us many years and are subject to incoming materials inspection. As for the important electronic materials, such as IC, we usually import them from Hong Kong and Taiwan of China. Because of our investment and research on electronic components in these two regions, their quality is more guaranteed and the service life of our products is longer.

Next, the inspected raw materials used in the children's camera are put into each production workshop for the production process. We have 10 production lines in total, and the workers in the production workshop have been trained in the production and manufacturing of products. This results in their production efficiency being very high and the quality of products weel controlled. During the process of production, we patrol and inspect every production link to determine whether any problem is occurring. Should there be any mistakes made in production we immediately identify and repair it. Finally, we carry out a comprehensive inspection. Therefore, customers do not have to worry about the quality of our products or any delivery problems.

Cheertone has established many long-term relationships with our customers and we look forward to furthering our cooperation with even more excellent companies. We are excited to provide more OEM& ODM kids toys and manufacturing services for our customers.